Friday, October 7, 2011

Breaking Ground

Before I created this blog, I debated revitalizing one of the handfuls of blogsites I've created in the past. Besides the challenges of sickeningly cutsie names or long-forgotten passwords, I also had to decide whether to delete old posts or leave them archived for posterity. That got me thinking about why I created those blogs in the first place, and why generally, no one ever knew about them. My "secret" blogs were created more times than not to rant about everything that sucked in my life, specifically work or whichever idiot boss was pissing me off at the time. Since I couldn't risk work or said bosses learning my true opinion of their intellect (or lackthereof), the URLs to these blogs were only given out to a handful of trusted agents and never spoken of in public again. This had the unfortunate effect of getting the first two or so of my postings read while the idea was fresh in their heads, but none after that as "out of sight out of mind" kicked in and they forgot all about lonely, bitter ol' me. Most of the old posts are so negative anyway not even I would want to read them again, let alone subject fresh audiences to them. Better to start fresh and leave the past behind.

To avoid repeating mistakes of the past I decided on a fresh approach altogether. No more rants! It will definitely be a challenge, since often the only times I'm inspired to write is when I want to bitch about this or that, but the title of my blog will hopefully remind me to look for the good along with the bad and curve my writing inspiration accordingly. I envision a Mommy-ish blog filled mostly with narrative-style posts about Midori and her antics, but it shouldn't surprise anyone to see traveler-blog style posts about life in Germany or the places we visit around here. I'll also post any short works of writing I finish, or any other ramblings about things that interest or inspire me.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the ride.



  1. Glad you started a blog =) And I like your vision for it. Blogspot does have a gadget where people can put in their email addresses to receive your latest post in their inboxes(which makes it easier for people to keep up with you) Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks for the info. Yeah, I'm still figuring things out. :)

  3. Wait, that's weird. It won't let me follow your blog. :(