Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Day I Got Trapped Inside a Bubble

The second installment of my would-be children stories. This one turned out much more rhymey than the last, hopefully not obnoxiously so. Oh, to be an illustrator as well as writer! Seems you can't even submit children books these days without the illustrations ready to go. Meh. I'll still get all these stories written at least, then see where I can go from there.

The Day I Got Trapped Inside a Bubble

The day I got trapped inside a bubble was at a party for my friend.
We were blowing bubbles, I blew too hard, and the backdraft sucked me in.

I floated up, up, up so high. The sky was all I saw.
But with a gust I spun around and saw the rising wall!

The house was made of bricks you see, all roasting in the sun
My little bubble, made of soap, was fragile as they come

I leaned hard to the left, hoping I could steer it
And drifted downward towards the porch. I came so very near it!

But just as I was going touch, another soft breeze found me
It aimed me skyward once again, then towards a rustling oak tree

I leaned with all my might this time, but the tree loomed ever thick
The leaves closed in, I held my breath, I didn’t want to look

Just a tiny peak revealed a swirl of tangled branches
Jagged bark and pointed leaves, all trying to leave scratches

A parting in the leaves at last, the light grew ever brilliant
I broke free with a whoosh of air, glad soap was so resilient

I steered my thin craft towards the yard, giddy with relief.
My friends still played on unawares, shouting, running free

I came to rest there in grass, a pop that no one saw
I straightened, glad I had survived, and ran to join them all

Copyright 2011, Laurie E. Montgomery

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