Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Baby's Flute

A nursery rhyme I wrote for a contest a while back. No, I didn't win anything.

My Baby’s Flute

High note
Low note
A twittering teasing tune
My baby played a wooden flute
Whittled upon the moon

Whenever the moon was shining
We came to hear her play
A lovely song
A lonely song
A lullaby
A lay

All the stars would gather
All the crickets too
Forest critters
Eyes a-glitter
Creeping into view

My baby played a sad song
While wolves around her howled
Then a ditty
Short and pretty
Saw bobcats strut and yowl

Frogs croaked deep with sonnets
Mice with love songs squeaked
Baby kept pace
With infinite grace
Even as barn owls screeched

But before very long
Baby'd played the last song
A ballad her own hand had penned
The stars whispered warning
Soon it’d be morning
Our concert must come to an end

Night creatures flee
So do Baby and me
We know now is the time to scoot
But tomorrow night’s new
This time you should come too!
To hear Baby play songs on her flute

Copyright 2011, Laurie E. Still

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