Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Day We All Sang What We Spoke

The Day We All Sang What We Spoke

The day we all sang what we spoke was interesting and new
I hummed to school, when I arrived, the rest were humming too

The teacher burst into a song while handing back our work
I stared amazed at what she thought a grade of C was worth

She sang the revolution next, first Washington then Adams
It made our history come alive, patriotic as an anthem

Science was a lively tune, then art, and then mathematics
All put to rounds, or clever chants by musical fanatics

It didn’t stop there though, no, lunch was much the same
Along the line of steaming food, the servers scooped and sang

My friends made up their own songs, to ask about my day
Or wonder if the rain would stop in time for them to play
They harmonized the chorus too, it seemed like no big deal
I found myself very impressed; this fad had great appeal
Even on the bus back home, the students sang their lines
The drivers too in cars we passed, all giving it a try

The foreman and his quartet crew, with power tools in hand
The mailman and our neighbor Sue, a duet on the lawn

I ran inside the house singing my own dramatic score
My mom and dad just stared at me, then Mom said, “Close the door.”

Copyright 2011, Laurie E. Still

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